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Wire and EDM Service – Eugene – Springfield, Oregon

At Cramer’s Precision Manufacturing machine shop we specialize in the use of all types of CNC machines but what truly sets us apart is our expert use of our wire EDM CNC machine. With years of experience in the use of wire EDM CNC machine at our state of the art machine shop we are experts at manufacturing complex parts that our competitors would cringe at. Our top of the line wire EDM machine is highly accurate and able to efficiently produce quality parts. The CNC programming in the hands of our CNC machinist produces excellent parts for our clients.

A wire EDM CNC machine employs the use of wire and electrical discharges or sparks to cut conductive metals. It classifies as a CNC machine because the precise cuts it makes are computer controlled. This CNC machine can only cut metals that are able to carry an electrical current such as aluminum, copper, steel, graphite and certain alloys. It is even able to cut alloys used in aerospace such as waspaloy, hastaloy and Inconel. Attempting to cut materials such as plastic or rubber will result in shorting the machine. This process is also ideal for cutting items difficult to cut using other methods due to the extreme density and hardness of the material.

When in use by a CNC machinist the wire never actually comes into contact with the metal it is cutting. The wire is held above the metal and carries an electrical current that will spark rapidly. These sparks are between 15,000 to 21,000 degrees Fahrenheit and will melt very small amounts of metal in order to make the cuts needed. A spark will occur every 1/1,000,000 or a second which allows for very precise cut. The metal is constantly flushed by deionized water in order to whisk away any metal debris from the cutting and to keep the metal cool. Without a cool flow of water the metal will warp from the exposure to extreme heat from the electric sparks. Wire EDM cutting can also occur when the metal is fully submerged in deionized water. Every cut made by this CNC machine is controlled by the highly sophisticated cnc programming.

Our wire EDM CNC machine with CNC programming is primarily employed to create highly complex parts that need precise measured cuts. The electrical current used to cut these materials also prevents burrs from being created during the cutting process and is perfect for creating dental and medical equipment as well as airline parts and electronic equipment. Our CNC machinists also specializes in producing prototype and production parts with CNC programming of the wire EDM. This process is also ideal in the creation of delicate parts and parts that are in need of tenths tolerance.

We have perfected the art of wire EDM machining at Cramer’s Precision Manufacturing machine shop. With our expert staff and top of the line equipment we are more than qualified to produce the specific parts you need. We manufacture only the highest of quality product and with the greatest efficiency and guarantee on time delivery. It’s time that you stop settling for subpar parts, put Cramer’s Precision Manufacturing to work for you and enjoy our high quality product.