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Eugene – Springfield Machine Shop Services – Parts

At Cramer’s Precision Manufacturing we employ the use of a wire EDM CNC machine to create some of our most delicate and complex parts. This process is ideal for producing medical equipment, dental equipment, and aerospace parts. Wire EDM CNC precision machining allows our crew of highly skilled machinists to create precision machine parts as small as a match and as complex as the pieces found in airplanes and jets. Our team has years of experience manufacturing top shelf complex precision machine parts with the use of our state of the art wire EDM machine.

Medical Equipment and Parts

Medical equipment requires a level of accuracy beyond what traditional production methods can create. Not only must the parts be accurate but they are often multi-angled and extremely small. Our wire EDM precision CNC machining process allows us to create hand tools that doctors and surgeons use every day. The wire EDM high precision machining process creates untampered edges which are necessary for these tools. Traditional cutting methods often leave an uneven surface with tapered edge. Our precision CNC machining process creates straight and exact edges free of the tapering that other machining processes create.

Dental and orthodontic Equipment and Parts

Dental and orthodontic parts are also created by our wire EDM precision CNC machining process. Similar to medical parts, dental equipment can be just as small and complex and requires the cleanest and most precise cuts. The wire EDM precision CNC machining process is ideal for creating dental and orthodontic hand tools, bone jaw reamers for dental implants and the parts that make up braces.

Aerospace Parts and Equipment

Another field of equipment that the wire EDM CNC precision machining process is ideal for is aerospace. The parts necessary for both commercial and private aircraft require a high level of accuracy that traditional methods of machining simply cannot produce. The wire EDM precision CNC machining process is ideal for engine system and fuel system parts. A part we commonly produce are the rivet fingers found on airplanes. These parts require a level of precision and accuracy that other machining methods simply cannot deliver.

Punch and Dies Created

Our wire EDM precision CNC machining process is also perfect for the creation of punch and dies. Traditionally punch and die sets required several steps before having a finished product. The dies were created in sections which took away from the rigidity of the piece. With the wire EDM machine a punch and die set can be created from one piece of metal which cuts down on the length of the process by ending sectionalized production and adds to the overall integrity of the piece.This precision CNC machining process even allows cuts inside of a  parts corner with radius’s as small as .005 inches, ideal for the creation of punch and die sets.

Prototype Parts is Our Specialty

At Cramer’s Precision Manufacturing we are dedicated to creating only the highest quality products. Our experienced staff will ensure that the parts we create for you are not only fully functional but safe for use.  We operate with a standard of honor and integrity that has kept our machine shop in operation for decades. Stop settling for sub-par precision machine parts, and put Cramer’s Precision Manufacturing to work for you today.