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Machine Shops Eugene – Springfield Oregon

metal-rubber-3At Cramer’s Precision Manufacturing we specialize in precision cnc machining, bonding rubber to metal, manufacturing prototypes and precision machine parts, and creating aerospace and computer components.  Our high quality machine shop measures in at 14,000 square feet and features climate control in our in house grinding area. All of our precision cnc machining equipment is state of the art and of the highest quality. Our standard of excellence allows for nothing else.

Bonding rubber to metal with our cnc precision machining equipment is one of our more notable expertise. With our high quality adhesive and top of line equipment our bonding rubber to metal and bonding rubber to rubber processes out match even our closest of competitors. Our bonded precision machine parts feature the strongest of holds and are made to endure.  From laminate to rubber, aluminum to stainless steel we are fully capable of meeting your rubber bonding needs. Our cnc precision machining equipment in the hands of our experienced staff produces the highest quality in bonded precision machine parts.

The staff at Cramer’s Precision Manufacturing have decades of CAD expertise allowing us to design precision machine parts. With just a sketch or even a concept on its own we will be able to create a prototype to spec for you. Once you approve the prototype we can begin the process of manufacturing your unique precision machine parts in the quantity needed. We pride ourselves on our on-time delivery standards. We will deliver the products in your hands on the day we promised. Whether or not we are shipping nationally or internationally, our products will reach you on time. We are a team of precision cnc machining experts fully able to provide you with the precision machine parts you need.

machine-shop-devinOur highly experienced staff, trained to master precision cnc machining, can create aerospace and computer components. Even the most complicated and delicate of pieces is fully possible at Cramer’s Precision Manufacturing. Our cnc precision machining experience allows us to design and manufacture complex parts to meet your needs. We keep an inventory of on hand parts and products allowing us to serve you more expediently.  The aerospace and computer components we make are of the highest quality that none of our competitors could hope to match.

On top of all of our experience and quality products we hold to a standard of honor and excellence that inundates every aspect of our business model, all while being made here in the USA. We are veteran owned and take pride in our work. As a company of honest and hardworking precision cnc machining experts we seek to provide you with the very best in cnc precision machining products. Our standards are high as is our commitment to produce high quality and effective products. This sets us well above each and every one of our competitors. We will always provide you with quality high precision machining products that we will proudly stand by. At Cramer’s Precision Manufacturing quality is not an act, it is a habit.