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Eugene, Oregon Machine Shop Services

Cramer’s Precision Manufacturing is a family owned business services the Eugene Oregon Area. We take pride in providing both small companies and large corporations with our precision CNC machining services. While we work for large companies all over the world we greatly value our local clients. We happily serve businesses located in both Eugene and Springfield with the same dedication and standard of service that our corporate clients receive. We believe in supporting the local economy and would be honored to serve our fellow Eugene businesses both small and large.

parts-2Our machine shop specializes in creating precision machine parts that other manufacturing shops find too complex and daunting. With our precision CNC machining equipment we have perfected the process of creating both delicate and complex parts. Our machine shop is the ideal location for Eugene businesses to have their prototype parts made with quality assurance while supporting the local economy. Bring in a sketch or even a simple idea and we will manufacture it to your specifications. With our high precision machining equipment we will custom make the parts you need and deliver it to your place of business in a timely manner. Quality products with on time delivery are the principles of our business that have directly lead to our success.

Types of Work We Do for Eugene Business

One of the specific areas of expertise that we have is designing parts for assembly lines. Assembly lines are a necessary and vital part of many businesses in Eugene. From beer to bow and arrows many companies in Eugene rely on assembly lines to manufacture their products. Assembly lines are complex and have numerous delicate precision machine parts crucial to the system itself. Should one part break the entire line could shut down. At Cramer’s Precision Manufacturing our precision CNC machining equipment can produce the precision machine parts necessary for the function of your assembly line. Simply bring in the broken part and we will quickly and efficiently recreate it and have your assembly line up and running again.

We believe in supporting our local businesses and would be honored to take on Eugene clients. The local economy is important to us and we value our fellow small businesses. Eugene has numerous small and large companies alike that we would gladly serve. Our precision CNC machining processes are well ahead of our competitors. Our shop has been in business for over three decades and more successful than ever.

Eugene Machine Shop for Your Precise Needs

At Cramer’s Precision Manufacturing we operate with a standard of efficiency and integrity. Every part that we manufacture with our precision CNC machining equipment is guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Our success is built on the quality of precision machine parts that we produce. We have a staff of expert machinists that take pride in the parts they manufacture and the work they do. It is our passion to support other local business in the Eugene area in order to support our local economy. Entrust Cramer’s Precision Manufacturing with your machining needs, where quality is not an act, it’s a habit.