We’ve Received HP’s Excellence Award for Exceeding Their On-Time Delivery Standards

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Our World-Class Team of Expert Machinists Will Develop the Precision Parts You Need and Do It Better Than Anyone Else

We are a high-quality machine shop with more than a quarter century experience making precision parts with close tolerances.

We can manufacture and cast complex shapes including polyurethane and rubber based

material and have perfected close tolerances of +/- .0002 inches.

Experts in developing prototype parts for domestic and international manufacturers.

On-time delivery of quality parts with international shipping available.

With a CAD drawing or just an idea, we can manufacture anything.

Our machine experts will work with your engineers and designers,

on or off site, to develop the solution you need.

Our Team of Experts Can Make Anything – Give Us a Call to Get the Ball Rolling

Our Specialities

Prototype Parts

We can take your idea through all phases of a mechanical project.

  1. It all can start with a simple sketch. 
  2. Our team of experts will get to work imputing your design into the computer with powerful CAD software.
  3. Our team of expert machinists will build you a prototype to spec.
  4. We can then ramp up production on your final product.

Complex Parts for Aerospace and Computer Manufactures

parts-2Our modern CNC machine shop houses a variety of machine centers and lathes in several productions cells. Our extensive “on shelf” inventory enables us to fill most orders from stock allowing rapid shipments to alleviate downtime. 

We pride ourselves on being able to provide personalized customer service, quality products, and on-time deliveries. 

We can produce a wide variety of complex aerospace and computer components. Cramer’s Precision Manufacturing has the most precise and innovative processes, and that kind of forward thinking will be evident in your product.

We’ve Received HP’s Excellence Award for Exceeding Their On-Time Delivery Standards

 Durable Rubber to Metal Bonding Applications

We can bond rubber to most metals in any size or shape that you need. Complex sizes and shapes welcomed.

After testing our solution and many of our competitors we can safely say we are the best we’ve seen at this process.

When done correctly rubber bonded to metal components are highly effective for noise reduction in aerospace, and many other applications.

If your goal is to limit the amount of mechanical vibration rubber to metal bonding will be your best engineering solution.  

Ask us about our process, we would be more than happy to supply you with a prototype for testing.